Check out Some Clients Stories.


Fiona Barcley 

For most of my adult life, I’ve eaten pretty much what I wanted! I’ve done mild exercise and managed to get away without putting on much weight.

BUT when I turned 40, my body turned on me! I was feeling bloated, heavy and uncomfortable in my clothes.

I was running a couple of times a week but wasn’t feeling the same benefit from it as I once had in my thirties. At 42 I joined CP Fitness feeling fed up and ready for a change. On day one I was excited but nervous!

Since joining CP Fitness, I’ve lost 16 pounds and reached my goal weight. I went from 9 stone 2 pounds to 8 stone. My body is lean, I’m stronger, I’m sleeping better, I’ve more energy and I’m enjoying my clothes again!

I have two kids, and I work. CP Fitness has seamlessly become a part of my weekly routine.I never thought I would enjoy lifting weights like I do now and I never thought I could have muscle definition in my forties!


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Amy Ruth

Before starting at CP Fitness, I was extremely self-conscious and would have so much anxiety at the thoughts of going to the gym. My confidence was low, and I had no self-belief.

The atmosphere in the gym is one like no other. Having gone to big gyms before I found them very intimidating.

At CP Fitness I'm always met with a friendly face from both staff and members. The lads are great coaches and still encourage and motivate me to push myself that little bit harder every day.

I've dropped two dress sizes since joining the gym. I feel so much better about myself and although I'm not where I want to be yet, I know I'm heading in the right direction.




Kristine Rose Beers

Since joining I’ve lost just over one stone ,increased my mobility, and certainly noticed that I am stronger which is the best thing

In the past, I’d tried regular gyms but I always found them intimidating and unfriendly so never kept it up. Classes were still demoralising, as everyone else seemed to know what they were doing and I just felt uncoordinated and useless

There’s an excellent and very supportive atmosphere- everyone chats and encourages each other through the sessions- the music keeps you going, and the .trainers all do an excellent job demonstrating and coaching the correct techniques. The only competition is with yourself.


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Emma Markey

Before I joined, I had just about exhausted every other quick fix there was in the book, from fasting myself for three days on an Aloe Vera cleanse.

To getting my body shocked in a 20-minute Body-tech workout (yes 20mins, I couldn't even spare my body an hour 🤦‍♀️) to buying a bloggers bikini body guide and working out at home. 

Two years on with many ups downs & setbacks later, I'm now in the best place I've ever been in the gym. I go 4-5 times a week @ 6 am, and it's one of my favourite places to be. 

I have quite a stressful job so getting my workout in first thing before work just wholly sets me up for the day and makes me feel like I've already achieved something going into the day. My morning workout is now my no.1 priority which is something I thought I'd never say.