What Is Our Trial Membership?


Our trial membership gives you the opportunity to test drive our way of doing things without committing to anything longterm,come & see the culture and meet our ever growing fitness family, no contracts no agreements.


Less than €37 weekly!

What we promise

  1. - 12 Small Group Personal Training Sessions.
  2. - Unlimited access to our Team Training Classes.
  3. - Step By Step Nutrition Strategies To Suit Your Lifestyle.
  4. 3 Structured accountability assessments throughout to keep you on track.
  5. Members area packed with easy to follow nutrition strategies.
  6. Library of home workouts.
  7. Full 90 meal recipe book.
  8. Expert coaching & guidance. (Real coaching not drill sergeant shouting).
  9. Results that last.
  10. Accountability & support throughout.

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