Move Your Ass!!

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Hey, girls Paul here.So I’ve just got back from a nutrition conference in England were some of the leading researchers on metabolism and fat loss was speaking.

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What Kind Of Person Are You?

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The Diet Danger Zones are traps that catch all of us at one time or the other, but most people fall into only one or two on a regular basis.


There are 4 primary zones:             

#1. The Meal Stuffer

#2.The Snack Grazer

#3. The Restaurant Indulger

#4.The Desk Top Diner


Today I will talk about the first 2 on the list, their traits and how manage them.


#1.The Meal Stuffer

Stuffers eat till they can’t move, cleaning everything on their plate. They eat really quickly and often take second helpings. They often consider themselves to have a “healthy appetite”. I’ve been guilty of this in the past myself eating for the sake of eating. How many times have you said to yourself “why did I eat those last few bites” or “why did I order dessert”.

If this is you, here are some tips to avoid adding unwanted calories to your day.

1. Slow down, it takes 20mins for your brain to realise it’s full.

2. Get into the habit of leaving food on the plate.

3. Use the half plate rule. Half the plate is vegetables and the other half is protein and starch.

4. Buy smaller plates.

5. Eat fruit for dessert. (Obviously there’s a time and a place for some chocolate cake)

#2.The Snack Grazer

Grazers reach for whatever food is available. Convenience is important for the grazer. They seldom pass up a sweet bowl and love to pick. They snack out of habit rather than hunger, they need something to do with their hands watching tele or reading.

How to avoid the snack attack:

1. Keep the tempting foods out of sight, out of sight out of mind.

2. If you crave a lot, try snacking on some fruit or nuts.

3. Keep the healthy foods insight so swap the biscuit jar for a fruit bowl

4. Only eat at a table, don’t eat at the counter or at the fridge.

Hope these tips help, in part two I will talk about the restaurant indulger and the desk top diner.


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5 Ways to spot a bad Personal Trainer

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There are some great coaches out there and some not so great which one have you got?


1- No movement/evaluation screen.


Have you been screened for potential injury risks ? most good coaches can do this by just watching clients warm up and then they will modify or issue corrective exercises, @cpfitness we use both warm up analysis and a modified movement screen depending on the program.


2- One size fits all nutrition.


If your eating the same nutrition plan as your coach more than likely your going to fail why ? because its not individualised to suit your needs or lifestyle, there is no one size fits all with nutrition.


3- Is it about him/her or you ?


If your trainer is constantly preaching how many raw eggs he/she eats & what weight they can lift in the gym there probably not too concerned about your progress, most personal trainers get into training because they enjoy going the gym, when in reality coaching people is a different passion.


4- They don’t monitor progress.


If your paying for one to one training or a small private group and your trainer just creates the workout on the day leave that gym immediately because your trainer is winging it, and is either to lazy or just clueless or both.


5- Not paying you any attention while you workout.


If your trainer is leaving you to lift or exercise alone while he walks out of the room or even worse stands there scrolling down the news feed or texting, this is not acceptable but remember this PAY PEANUTS GET MONKEYS.