Are you sick and tired of jumping from diet to diet, meal plan to meal plan, guru to guru?

Getting some results in the short term but never in the long term. Not knowing why the results come and why they stop happening. Let’s put this unfortunate cycle into context.

This blog will explain the whys and how’s of fat loss and fad diets and why we are genuinely passionate about spreading the right message.

Let’s take a look at that case study.

Meet Jane; the following is a timeline of Janes attempt at a very low carb diet, provided to her by none other than the most valid and concrete resource you can find Google (yes this is sarcasm)

Week 1:

Motivations high, she’s feeling pumped and ready to take on the world. She’s telling everybody that she’s just started a low carb diet and feels fantastic (even though it’s only two days in)

Janes also joined the local gym and has been there every day this week. She’s just lost 7lb and is over the moon.

Week 2:

Monday comes, at work she’s telling her workmates about the weight she’s lost and that she feels great.

Janes did some further research and discovered that low carb is the optimal diet for health and that everybody should be doing it.

She’s a low carb expert after a week (this is all tongue in cheek so please don’t get offended if you’ve done this because I’ve done the same)

Sing it from the rooftop sister “I DON’T NEED CARBS; I FEEL AMAZING”

Week 3:

Jane starts to feel a bit deprived, she starts to feel tired, and begins dreaming about dancing bread rolls singing “eat me, eat me”.

At work, people say good morning, and she gives them a look that could kill, Janes angry, no actually, she’s hangry. Someone give her a snickers quick.

The scales show she’s lost a pound this week, Jane starts to feel disheartened and thinks about all the hard work she’s put in. She also has a work event, and a family wedding is coming up and begins to worry about the temptation of all the lovely carbs.

First up, the work event, fucking carbs everywhere, I guess they didn’t get the memo.

An hour in and Janes up to her neck in beard and pasta.

That weekend, the wedding. Once again, Jane can’t resist the carbs, and this is the event that pushes her over the edge and by week 4, Jane is back to eating the way she had been before this mini low carb journey.

(Important)—So three weeks and back to square one, this is the lifespan of the average dieter.

I know a majority of the people reading this have been in this boat, I know I have.

Let’s look at the some of the limitations of Jane’s journey.

First off the internet is not a valid source of info for the most part (yes am aware of the irony of the fact you’re reading this on the web)

People are pushing agendas like high carb, low carb, low fat etc.…. Usually believe so blindly in these approaches that it’s either their way or the highway.

Yes, these are all methods but what matters most is the principle, and that’s something you need know.

Let’s go back to Jane for a minute. First, the meal plan she was following was limited in food choice, she felt she was either on the meal plan or off the meal plan resulting in her making poor decisions when she hadn’t access to the foods on her list.

So when she fell off the wagon, she fell hard.

Second education, she didn’t understand the concept of energy balance, and this was the real reason she saw some success in the first couple of weeks.

Most Important Take home.

– Calories are energy if you burn off more energy than you take in consistently you will lose weight whether you’re on a high or low carb diet.

– This is important to know when dieting. Jane lost the weight because she cut out calories which happened to be from carbs,

– Thirdly, Jane went super low with her calories, by going super low carb and having a small list of foods to eat, the meal plan forced Jane to consume an amount of food that just wasn’t sustainable long term.

– Fourthly, because Jane had the mindset of been either on the plan or off it, this was a problem when it came to nights out, work events etc.….

So we can see where it starts to unravel. Remember, calories are energy, if you restrict that energy too much straight off the bat, where do you go from there? Most fad diets are too aggressive to maintain.

So what to do? Ok bear with me here and please do not underestimate the power of what I’m about to share with you.

It’s not magic, it’s not sexy, but it works.

This method is a great start or if you’re just sick of failing on a rigid meal plan. It requires a bit of creativity. No meal, no demonising food groups just plain and simple portion control.

The method for measuring food is even more straightforward. You only use your hand, yes you heard it right.

Let’s look at precisely what you’ll be measuring:

Protein, Chicken, beef, turkey, eggs etc.

Carbohydrates, Rice, pasta, potatoes, bread etc.

Fats; Nuts, avocado, seeds, coconut oil etc.

For protein we will use a palm-sized portion, so let’s take a chicken fillet for example.

Next, we have vegetables, a fist or two of veg, broccoli, and spinach or whatever you fancy.

A cupped handful of carbohydrates, let’s say rice.

Finally, a thumb size portion of fat, we will go with avocado seems like that’s on everybody’s menu these days.

The above could be a simple stir-fry thrown together with some spices and a light sauce.

Let’s break the cycle and see some lasting results.

CP Team.