Detox Teas

Cute girls promoting a fat loss supplement on some social media platform, sound familiar?

The flavour of this past few months has been detox teas. They promise rapid fat loss, appetite suppression, improved digestion and many more miraculous things.

Backed by your favourite celebrity or the blogger who is hot right now getting paid a ridiculous amount of money per Instagram post to promote this bullshit. Remember this the next time you see somebody with a massive Instagram following put up a post saying that they are currently “Tetoxing” and feel fantastic.

Success stories are plenty with this shit, making up fake testimonials and before and after shots are effortless to do. But can you lose weight doing a “teatox”? The answer, 100% YES.

The reason you can lose weight is simple when you heavily restrict calories and drink mostly fluids you will get “results”. Now, is this from some magical tea? Fuck no. Try it with good old Lyons tea, and you’ll get the same result. What’s driving the weight loss is eating fewer calories than you burn.

It only comes down to energy balance. Most of these detoxes involve food restriction to go along with this magic fluid that promises to torch body fat. It’s borderline starvation, the side effects to this are muscle loss, intense hunger, cravings, mood swings and the number one problem, it’s just not sustainable.

If this energy balance thing is new to you read here for a better explanation

See, the promise of losing fat and feeling fantastic is just too alluring for people to resist. People are confused with all the misinformation out there, and it’s hard to separate the bullshit from what’s true. Plus people want the easy option, and that’s human nature, they don’t want to hear that it’s a process and it’s about consistency over time.

Not a single one of these teas “detox” your body, trust me when I tell you, your body is a detoxing machine, no cleanses or teas needed.

Don’t be fooled by their bullshit claims.