The Industry & Social Media

The weight loss industry as we all know is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide with an estimated 30 billion dollars spent annually in the US alone. With this kind of cash involved like in most industries, it will attract all sorts of business people & opportunists looking to get in on the action for a quick buck. These people pray on emotion they look for vulnerable people desperate for change & take advantage of them.

What they don’t want you to know is losing weight and improving your physical condition is hard work it takes time, it takes patience, it takes commitment.You’ll need to make changes consistently, and most importantly you’ll need to learn how to live happily eating healthier foods & moving more simple as that. There is no magic pill; there is no quick way around it, it takes time.

The problem people face especially the female population is that they associate “dieting” with suffering; they feel to see lasting results, life & all that they enjoy must come to a halt which is just wrong, it’s just not the case. They stop seeing friends, stop eating their favourite foods, and stop going to their favourite places. Unfortunately, this leads to deprivation, boredom & again suffering.

Suffering is not sustainable & this is a big reason why so many people fail while trying to lose weight on fad diet approaches, they go too hard too fast give up everything & quickly end up back at square one, sound familiar? ?

Look, I’m not saying it should be easy either as I said it would take time, it will be restrictive, and it will be hard. But, if it’s too restrictive and too challenging and you feel as you’re becoming miserable, then you’ll never sustain your efforts long enough to see results.

Nobody wants to suffer; it’s human nature to avoid suffering  & that’s why charlatans and scam artist have an absolute field day in this industry. People want results yesterday, and results yesterday is what these idiots will promise. So watch out for the bullshit, find credible sources for your information, take it in and implement it.

The best thing about all this fluff is this, no matter how many times you try and fail, no matter how many different approaches you take we will always have the right answer on how to lose weight successfully. It’s science it’s a fact, it isn’t easy to execute, but it’s calories in VS calories out.

The bottom line is this you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, what’s this mean? Pretty simple concept (but not so easy to execute) you need to burn more calories than you consume (eat). For weight loss, it doesn’t matter how you create your deficit.

For example, if your coach does your numbers and he tells you:  to lose weight you need to consume 1,600 calories per day, and you’re golden, assuming these numbers are correct if all you eat is less than 1,600 calories in chocolate bars YOU’LL STILL LOSE WEIGHT simple as that.

Is that a good way to lose weight, no probably not but it’s a way, and it works, is that that a good way to get healthy most certainly not. So now you understand why the FAD DIET’S work, do you?

Most fad diets put you into this deficit immediately by usually cutting out whole food groups or meals, for example, low carb diets you don’t lose weight because you CUT CARBS you lose weight because you CUT CALORIES. You don’t lose weight because you replaced the meal with an Isagenix shake you lost weight because you replaced the meal for a shake with fewer calories.

Take away:

* Stop repeating failed attempts.

* Be regularly happy with the process/journey or it will not last.

* Be patient.

* Learn to spot the BS.

* Learn to live happily eating healthier & moving more.

Surviving social media

“Research suggests that exposure to mass media depicting the thin-ideal body may be linked to body image disturbance in women.”

Before we start, I’m aware they’re  plenty of success stories credited to social media when it comes to fitness & weight loss, but my guess is the bad outweighs the good by a long shot. Look, I love social media but let’s be honest it has its fair share of problems. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is its representation of what fitness and health should look like, not only the Greek gods and goddesses on the show but the food posts to a certain extent too.

Let’s look at two different scenarios, in example 1 we have a beginner looking to start her journey & example 2 we have a young girl that’s on her journey, let’s see how social media can play a role.

Senario 1

Let’s take a 40+-year-old woman that wants to start her fitness journey, she’s never trained before and would love to get moving. She’s done some walking and jogging over the years but has never stepped foot in a gym, she feels now is the time but can’t seem to build top the courage to start.


Because this woman is on Instagram following “fitness influencers” (the super ripped model type) preaching fitness & posting workouts. She feels that this person she has been following is a fitness expert, and see’s this “coach” posting pictures of herself ripped to shreds eating super healthy meals on a daily basis. She feels this is what fitness & health looks like or should look like, & this is what it takes to be fit, a six-pack, fake boobs & Jamie Oliver cooking skills but that’s just not true. So what then – she never starts. Why? Because she feels this body is way out of her reach &  unachievable for her so why to bother starting at all – derailed & disheartened she never starts. That’s a problem.

Senario 2

A 29-year-old girl who has come a long way, got great results, trains hard, eats well & looks great but still doesn’t seem to be happy, why? Unfortunately, she’s a scroller & the people she follows are all super ripped Instagram models, so what happens then?. She asks “why can’t I get this look” I’m trying so hard, not releasing that the trade off’s and dedication involved in getting “this look” is extremely difficult. She then feels dissatisfied & unhappy with the body she has worked so hard to get and gives up, wasting all that she has gained. Why pay this money, why train so hard, why eat so well.? That’s also a problem.

So what then – she never starts. Why? Because she feels this body is way out of her reach &  unachievable for her so why to bother starting at all – derailed & disheartened she never starts. That’s a problem.

So, the solution.

If you see a girl on Instagram with abs & everything else popping, do you feel any dissatisfaction with your own body? Does it make you feel unhappy?

If the answer is yes, you should stop following them today simply as that you’re in control of who you follow (to a certain extent anyway). Whats the point, no value no follow. You see this Instagram model look is not what fitness is about; this is not what fitness looks like these people are just exceptions. It’s a highlight reel simple as that. If it motivates you to keep following them, if you’re getting good value from it, that;’s a good thing.

Before we start to discussthe common traits and lifestyles of the “Instagram fitness influencer”. Let’s not forget how hard they work to achieve this kind of condition so hats off to them & their efforts.

let’s measure up “Average Jane vs Super Fit “Instagram” Chick

Super “Insta Chick.”

*Usually get’s paid to look good & promote.

* Always take the best picture with the best pose under the best lighting using the best camera followed by the best filter.

* Thier more than likely taking steroids.

* They’re freaks. (genetically gifted)

* Rarely eat out.

* They don’t work 9-5 (some do obviously)

* They love to train and diet (normal people don’t – we like to live a little)

* They like to eat the foods you don’t.

* They love everything by the looks of things.

*They like to pretend they’re coaches but that’s another day’s writing.

Average Jane

*Works her ass off 9-5 every day. (doesn’t get paid to train)

*Has kids and goes to college.

*Can’t find time to cook breakfast and other meals throughout the day.

*Hates the gym but tries anyway.

*Loves a night out on the weekends with girls.

*Likes to socialise on the weekend.

*Hasn’t got a cannon gx7 to take great photos, unfortunately.

*Likes to eat the foods she enjoys.

Quick Tips to survive social media:

*Unfollow people that don’t motivate you.

*Look for real inspiration from women in similar circumstances with similar goals.

*Be critical, be sceptical of all weight loss products 99.9% of them are horse shit scams.

*Use it for all its benefits, announce your goals get your following to keep you accountable.

If you’re looking for honest research based information avoid the following. 

(inspired by

Below are some individuals & companies you might want to avoid when looking for advice on nutrition. Remember these individuals or organisations 99.9% of the time have some hidden agenda, & usually pushing one way or one approach that will answer all your problems, then sell a book or product to teach you this “one way”.

You’ll hear them use buzz words like detox; body cleanses, groundbreaking, revolutionary etc. – you’ll hear them push certain nutritional beliefs like low carb is the answer, high fat is the answer, veganism is the answer, meal replacement is the answer etc etc. These individuals/Companies ignore the science leave no room for discussion or debate & use false claims to make cash & push products.

But guess what, all these diets and approaches work, why? Because they primarily reduce your calorie intake. They usually do this by eliminating one or more food groups. No carb – No fat etc. So yes you will get results but is cutting out food groups sustainable over time? You tell me, I’m sure you’ve tried. If not I’ll let you know – NO IT’S NOT SUSTAINABLE (there’s always exceptions).

Of course, we will have the fanatics go crazy when they read this. “I can’t believe he’s saying this about herbal life all my clients feel amazing” hmm ok crazy person I’ll tell you why they feel amazing:

* They just lost weight.

*They stopped eating crap.

*They probably just started exercising.

That’s why they feel amazing it’s nothing to do with your overpriced products and bogus plans, NOTHING.

The body coach

He’s getting there, but at the minute with his core message to such a big audience is “Eat more Train less” he makes the list. This is bad advice for fat/weight-loss so avoid it, his recipes are loaded with calories so if the goal is weight loss avoid these too or chop them in half. Look, before you get your knickers in a twist (because we know he’s a fan favourite with the ladies) he is doing an ok job BUT not good enough in our opinion. He needs to fix his message, considering it’s not actually him writing his content there are others to blame.

Reasons to avoid:

* He just doesn’t seem to care about science.

* His core message is all wrong.

* His recipes are great if you’re trying to bulk that is.

* His hair is too long.

* His voice is annoying.

* I hate him.

* I want his bank account

* I’m just jealous.

* Follow him if you want.

All jokes aside, Joe Wicks is a cool MF, and I like him he’s also helped thousands get up off their bums and move, and that’s ok, but for me, with that kind of pull in this industry, it’s just not enough.

If he genuinely gives a shit, he will change his approach and get help from the real “guru’s” of the fitness industry, ones who follow the science and latest research.


Really Freelee?

Freelee Bell “The Banana Girl” has hit youtube by storm over the last few years with her insane claims of eating up-to 50 odd bananas a day, yep you heard me 50 f**king bananas a day!. She promotes a diet of a dozen bananas for breakfast,40 pieces of fruit for lunch & 2 kilos of potatoes for dinner. With 743,000 followers on youtube alone this message is again irresponsible and wrong.

She said this:

‘Calories are NOT created equally.  My calorie intake hasn’t changed much since I was 73kgs (11st 4lb) but the source of my calories has and that’s what enabled me to drop over 20 kgs (3st 1lb).

Reasons to avoid:

I’m hoping after reading the above we don’t have to go into much detail here.

*Misinforming millions of women all over the world all for the mighty dollar.

*She calls herself the banana girl.

*She has no regard for anyones health (not even her own).

*She’s being ridiculed by every top nutritionist in OZ.

Slimming World

Where do I start? Ok, my biggest problem with all these weight loss companies is this, they’re not educating their clients they ignore the science for a more systematic profit-driven system, so rather than educating their customers to help them long term the company opts for a system that will only be sustainable for the vary few who can grit it out. The vast majority of the consultants wouldn’t know their arse from their elbow when it comes to weight loss or nutrition, so they make the list.

Reasons to avoid:

* The success rate is really low.

* You’ll never really know how to lose,maintain or gain weight. Ever, no education just systems.

* They ignore the science.

* Their consultants are uneducated foe the most part.

* They just don’t care about you or your results if they did they would change their approach.

Weight Watchers

With a reported success rate of 2-10 out of a thousand, you should probably avoid joining & wasting your money. But if you ever want to be a consultant for WW giving out nutritional advice all you need is a car, two free evenings, a BMI of 20-24 & be in good health, and you’re all set. WW Ireland recently issued apologies on behalf of their consultants who were fat shaming their clients on a whats app group – like I mentioned these people are not coaches.

Reasons to avoid:

* It’s been reported that between 2-10 of 1000 members actually reach their goal weight & maintain.

* They ignore the science.

* Not sustainable set up for short-term gains.

* Approach is all wrong.

* Consultants are uneducated.

Herbal life

Currently fined for €200,000,000 for selling people unrealistic business opportunities, in reality, they’re just a bad company preying on poor, uneducated individuals either looking to lose weight or make money. Unfortunately, this settlement was paid out to the wrong people, herbal life actual twisted it, so their loyal members received the cheques and not the victims. And guess what they spent this money on? Herbal Life.

Reasons to avoid:

* They’re white collar criminals ask the FBI if you don’t believe me. ?

* They have no integrity whatsoever if they did they would change their systems.

* Not sustainable set up for short-term gains.

* No research to back up products or claims.

Forever living

Known for their clean 9 product that has failed thousands if not millions of weight loss enthusiasts, forever living just like herbal life they have been accused of operating as a pyramid scheme & acting out illegal marketing practices. Forever living has been heavily criticised for making outrageous health claims when using their products, some claiming to help with everything from diabetes to chrons disease, of course, there’s no research to back these claims.

One of Forever’s official training manuals advised sellers to contact sick people and to read a script saying:

“I know that you have been bothered with health problems (mention the issue) and I have just come across a fantastic product which I think will help you. Can I come around and show you what I’ve found?”

“Talk to customers about the health benefits of the products but don’t write them down in any form of advertising on or offline, this would be a claim”. Forever living director.

Reasons to avoid:

* Read the comments above made by the director.


Isagenix, like it’s pal’s above, are multi-level marketing companies, again they are out not to help people but to make money, to use the weight loss industry as a cash cow as it’s an easy target. Their products make unrealistic health claims but again can’t back any of these up with real research. Their distributors are uneducated on nutrition; suckered into selling thier products and preaching a dream but in reality make very little money, do not get your advice from these people they’re either brainwashed or scam artists.

Reasons to avoid:

* Making claims like this below.

This cleansing and fat burning “starter pack” is ideal for individuals who want to lose weight using a long-term, flexible program. The system is a ground-breaking path to healthy weight loss and is also designed to help support the body’s natural detoxification systems.= Horse S**t

David Wolfe

Pseudoscience maniac David “AVACADO”  Wolfe, you only have to look at this nuts Facebook page to see what he’s about, crazy diet claims and miracle cures all in aid of clicks and making money.

Reasons to avoid

* He believes the earth is flat (enough said)

Kip Anderson

The creator of two highly controversial documentaries “What The Health” being the latest. It’s irresponsible it’s vegan propaganda, it makes claims that eating eggs and meat is like smoking cigarettes? That’s just the tip. He makes the cut because of this documentary alone, it being so popular and therefore dangerous & misleading to anyone that’s unsure about nutrition.

Reasons to avoid:

* These idiots seem to care more for animals then humans.