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Ok girls we’re on the run in to Xmas and shopping for clothes, presents and toys can be stressful.

Let’s not use this as an excuse to just eat crap whilst walking around shopping.

Let’s use it to not only shop, but to burn some body fat as well.See 4-5 hours of walking around town can burn serious calories.From 200 to 350 per hour, that’s a serious workout.

Sadly this can be completely undone by poor nutrition throughout the day or weekend.

What we suggest:

1. Before you leave the house have a large breakfast high in protein.3 eggs scrambled with a piece of bacon and some spinach would be perfect.

2. Bring a hand full of nuts with some fruit to snack on and a bottle of water.

3. For lunch stay away from the obvious, Mc Donald’s, Burger King etc..

There’s a plenty of places with healthy options.Try Kay’s in Jervis street if you’re on the north side or in Blanchard’s town centre.

If your on the south side of the city take your pick, there’s plenty to choose from. 

So use Xmas shopping to your advantage and don’t make excuses for eating crap.