Are you on a “SEE” food diet?

By January 8, 2016 No Comments


Most people are on a ͞see food diet͟ to some degree. Simply seeing (or smelling) food can lead us to over eat the kind of foods we are trying to avoid.

Think you have the will power not to eat the chocolates in a jar at work?

Or telling yourself that you’re not going to eat much at the cinema only to find yourself

with large popcorn, a soft drink and a bag of pick and mix.

We eat more of these visible ͞see foods͟ because we think about them more. Take for instance a chocolate drawer at the end of the fridge.

Every time we

open the fridge to get any type of food the chocolate is in front of us.

If you have a packet of biscuits in the press and every time you open the press you lay eyes on the biscuits, sooner or later you will fold.

Will power is like a muscle, you can over work it and then it fails. So after opening the fridge or press 10 times and telling yourself no 10 times, finally you tell yourself that one is fine, one turns to ten!

Not only do you fail big, by completely overeating the one thing we told ourselves not to have. See out of sight, out of mind. In sight, in mind.

Simply thinking  of food can make you hungry.

What we suggest is make healthy foods easy to see and less healthy foods hard to see. Instead of a biscuit jar have a fruit bowl visible.

Keep the healthy foods to the front of the press and not buried down the back. So all is not lost the ͞see food͟ diet also works with the good stuff.