Move Your Ass!!

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Hey, girls Paul here.So I’ve just got back from a nutrition conference in England were some of the leading researchers on metabolism and fat loss was speaking.

As coaches,we at CP Fitness pride ourselves in being wrong.

Yep you heard that right, we pride ourselves in being wrong.Because when we admit been wrong when there’s new evidence that’s well supported that suggests that another aspect of our life is one of the most important factors in keeping us from gaining weight, we embrace the change.

That’s what makes us different.That’s the difference between a good coach and a not so good coach.

So what have I learned?

People that are overweight don’t generally have slow metabolisms.
And the opposite is also true that lean people don’t generally have a fast metabolism.

This will be hard for a lot of people to take.Remember this info comes from controlled studies.Meaning there pretty legit.

So what is it about these people who eat the same amount as their friend or partner but they never seem to put on weight?They train in the same gym and do the same program.

Well the scientific term is N.E.A.T. ( non-exercise activity thermogenesis )
In other words, people who don’t sit still.You all know them, they fidget, they rattle their leg while sitting at a table, their impatient they run up a flight of stairs instead of taking the elevator and nearly never sit down.

See N.E.A.T is the energy or calories you burn while you’re not exercising or sleeping.And it’s really important because you don’t actually burn that many calories training or after you train for that matter.

Training is super important and has many other benefits besides burning some calories that we could talk about till the cows come home.

Although I was familiar with the concept of N.E.A.T I totally under estimated it’s role in helping people achieve their goal until I seen the research.A year ago I would of focused solely on people’s training and nutrition and not take into account what else they were doing from day to day in terms of there activity levels.It sounds obvious doesn’t it?

And it turns out, it’s one of the most important aspects when trying to lose body fat and then trying to keep it off.

How do we do we increase our N.E.A.T?
Well for some people this is not a problem.For others, they need to make a conscious effort to move more and it must be consistent.Doing it for a day is not good enough.

So some tips.

If you can walk to work instead of driving or getting the bus, do it.

If you work in an office get up and walk 5 mins every hour.

Walk on your lunch break.

Use the stairs instead of the lift.

Get a dog or walk the one you have.

If you train in the morning try to walk in the evening.

Walk to the gym,train and walk home if possible.

Remember this is just one aspect that will help you achieve your goals and stay there.

Eat well, train and MOVE YOUR ASS.