Results while living.

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There’s nothing more certain than slip up’s along the way to being comfortable in your body BUT do you know how to control the damage>?

Damage control

Whether it’s a night out with the girls, a family member’s birthday, a wedding or just a weekend gone wrong setbacks WILL occur on your journey to becoming fitter and leaner. 

That’s life and life gets in the way sometimes, the sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you will get where you need to be and achieve your goals.

See all of the above are just some of the reasons people continue to fail. You know the story, you’re on a “diet” everything is great for a couple of weeks, but there’s a family wedding coming up. 

Panic sets in, you’ve been here before, and when life gets in the way, the diet is out the window for a month or two after and it’s back to square one to start this process again.

It’s the all or nothing approach. Below are some tips to prevent this from happening


This is common; I’m off bread, I’m never having a bar of chocolate again I hear it all. But guess what, you can enjoy the foods you love but in moderation. 

Let’s be honest, the longer you hold out, the more likely you are to binge. Remember it’s not about one specific food group, its overall intake you need to be keeping an eye on. 

Decreasing portion size is a good start. 


If you do fall off the wagon, instead of trying to jump straight back on it, maybe making a couple of small changes will help, Like starting the day with a healthy breakfast for one week then add a healthy lunch the second week. The less change you make, the more chance you have of success.


If looking to achieve a goal, let’s say you’re trying to lose ten pounds in twelve weeks for a wedding. But in those twelve weeks, you have a few nights out that are unavoidable. When out for a meal use the two pick rule. Instead of starter, mains, dessert and a drink just pick two out of the four. Also, train the day of the meal and be active if possible. 


Another strategy you could use is fasting. The day of the meal and drinks skip breakfast and have a light lunch that’s high in protein, so chicken and veg maybe. Then for a snack have a protein shake. This will keep your calories low leaving room for the night out. 


This is the big one. After a night on the town, all we want to do is sit around and eat for the day. First get up and get out. 

Go for a long walk, trust me you’ll feel better straight away. Drink plenty of water. If you’re craving a fry make one yourself. 

Don’t go out for one, at least you can control your portions when eating at home. If you can’t stomach food all day and do decide to order a take away try to keep in to under 1500 calories.

A good tip simply don’t get sides. If you like pizza, just get a pizza, no chicken wings, dippers or wedges.

If you get a curry, no spring rolls, chicken balls or prawn crackers. Instead of rice and chips pick one and ask for a half portion. 

Also, order diet soda if you need something fizzy.

These are just some tips for minimising damage when trying to change old habits. Hope it helps.