Are you living in two extremes?

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I’m on a diet,I’m off the diet,I’m back on another diet and I’m back off it again.
Who feels this is their journey so far when it comes to nutrition?

If this is you,remember your not alone,95% of people who start a “diet” fail and 65% end up heavier than when they started. We’re not big on meal plans here at CP Fitness and I’ll tell you why they don’t work. Yep, you read it right,strict meal plans are setting you up for failure.

The all or nothing approach seems to be dominating the industry at the moment and it’s getting pretty confusing out there.

Low fat,low carb,high fat, high protein,dairy free,gluten free and the list goes on.What’s best?What diet is going to make us all achieve our goals yesterday?The magic bullet,the quick fix.

I’m sorry to say but it doesn’t exist.Strict meal plans and believing there is that one diet out there that’s going to answer to all our problems is a pipe dream.For a start, you need to be flexible with your nutrition.

A meal plan should simply be a guide on how a good day might look like.If you are 100% strict let me tell you it won’t last and when you do slip up,you fall hard. You overeat for a few days and repeat the process by getting back on the wagon and starting again.

You need to realise that life gets in the way,all sorts of obstacles pop up.Family events,meeting up with friends,weddings,parties etc..Are you going be walking around with your meal plan in the middle of the restaurant??

Don’t set yourself up for failure.Make small changes over time and the results will come.
If you slip up by having some chocolate cake at a party don’t beat yourself up over it.Life is too short for that shit.

A few things we suggest:

1:Gradual change
Small changes over time.The more change we make the less chance we have of success.Think a marathon, not a sprint.

2: Be consistent with your training
Training and nutrition go hand in hand and some people can’t do one without the other.Me personally, I find it hard to eat right if I’m not training.So if you feel that way make sure you get to the gym as often as possible.
If you can’t get to a gym just get an active walk,hike,run,swim or get the owl push bike going.Yep, the one with all the cobwebs on it in the shed.

3: Avoid the snowball effect.
What do I mean by this?Don’t let one bad meal define your day and don’t let a bad day define your week.It’s really simple,you have a bad meal you make sure the next 3 are good.

4: Enjoy the journey and have fun.

If you don’t enjoy the gym you’re in or the food you eat eventually you’ll stop,simple as that.Find a gym that you feel welcome in and were the trainers actually give a shit.
If you struggle with eating healthy because you don’t like a lot of the foods just make a list of the ones you do like and get creative.

5: Never deprive yourself of the foods you love.
Everything in moderation.Earn your guilty pleasures.Aim for 80% clean eating 20% not so clean.
Hope you enjoyed this post and hope it helps.