Our philosophy is one of sustainability & enjoyment, no quick fixes no absolutes. Our ultimate goal is to educate women, not only for their own welfare but for their family’s wellbeing also. We are always happy to answer any questions our members have and regularly provide nutritional information evenings to keep both ourselves and our members informed and up to date. Our philosophy is all about enabling people to reach their full potential is a safe, fun environment. Training and nutrition are fundamental players in maintaining a healthy and balanced fitness level, however adequate sleep, reduced stress levels and a positive mindset are integral to well being also.


Paula Dean

Joining CP Fitness is probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Ever. After years of slimming clubs and soul-destroying commercial gyms that suck the joy out of life, walking into CP Fitness that first time was one of the most nerve-wracking and life-changing experiences for me.

At 52 and with the dreaded menopause on top of me, my self-esteem was at an all-time low while my weight was at an all-time high. After searching the internet, I learned that lifting weights and getting fit and strong was going to be the key to getting through the next few years.

Ciara Lehan

For the first time, I have the definition and strength that I’ve spent years trying to achieve. My attitude towards food and nutrition has also completely changed. I now eat when I’m hungry but at the same time if I want a bar of chocolate, I’ll have it without that feeling of guilt, and that’s all down to CP Fitness.

Within three months, CP Fitness helped me achieve my goals to be body confident. I lost 7 pounds and 10 inches overall. A year has gone by, and I’ve still managed to maintain this loss with the help and guidance of CP Fitness.

The best part of CP Fitness is that it feels like a second family, especially when I’m living away from home. I’ve made real friends at CP who always make the morning classes a bit easier to get up for as I know I’ll be laughing from the second I arrive at the gym. I never thought a women’s only gym would be any different to a mixed gym, but I was wrong. The women at CP Fitness are so friendly and supportive that I couldn’t imagine having those friendships in any other gym.

Celine Mumbley

Since I’ve joined CP a lot has changed for me, It has been a complete lifestyle change between learning about nutrition to lifting heavy weights which were something I’d never dream of doing to getting up at 7 am even on my days of to go the gym and just enjoying it in general.

Kristine Rose-Beers

Since joining, I’ve lost weight, increased my mobility, and certainly noticed that I am stronger which is the best thing. I’m beginning to feel more toned, so my clothes look better, and I hope that by the autumn I’ll feel more confident in a bikini! One benefit I hadn’t realised would be so huge, is the general improvement to my mood and energy levels. I would say I am happier and less tired now than before I joined.
I look forward to getting to the small group training sessions (I try to go at least three times per week) and enjoy seeing everyone when I’m there.

Jennifer Mc Mullen

I’ve always tried to be a healthy fit (ish) person, but generally, life got in the way, I always found it hard in regular gyms to go near the weights section or to get enough motivation to make it part of my routine.
Since joining CP my attitude towards exercise has changed a lot, I look forward to getting there and plan the rest of the week around my gym sessions… I finally see results weekly instead of yo-yo dieting before holidays or Christmas.  I am stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been and it’s all down to the support and environment in the gym, couldn’t recommend it higher.

Stacey O Sullivan

For me, I feel very comfortable in the gym with it being women’s only- that’s a big factor for me, I’m at ease with a group of girls & trainers who are not there to judge you. I have met girls at CP who have become close friends now. This is magic how you can meet people who share an interest with you & it grows from there. It really is like one big gym family.